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Becoming Debt Free

Learn the fastest way to become debt free

     Back On Track Credit Repair will work with you on restoring your credit and saving for your future.  Let’s face it; the only way to build savings is to save!  The way we increase our ability to save is either to decrease spending and/or increase our income.  Let’s explore some of those ideas:

     Every family needs to do a budget.  Sit down at the beginning of the month and list out all of the expenses you foresee.  Keep a monthly journal of all your spending.  Even keep a notebook in the car so if you run in for an item and you buy three items, you can see where your money is being spent.  Back On Track Credit Repair offers an initial consultation to assist you with your current family budget. Most of all, don’t spend on things you don’t need. 

When you go shopping, look in your cart, do you really need all those items?  Make a list and stick to it.  This can really keep you from over spending on items that aren’t really necessary. 

Stop eating out.  Pack your lunch.  Packing your lunch can save you $5.00 a day which is $1,300.00 per year.  If there are two of you in the household eating out every day, that is $2,600.00 a year just for lunch.  What about Friday night pizza or the Tuesday night Chinese Food.  A family of four can spend $1,300.00 per year by eating one meal out each week.  By not eating out lunch or dinners, a family of four can save almost $4,000.00 per year.  This may be unrealistic, but plan your “eating out” as a special occasion.  You will enjoy it more too!

     Stop spending on the frivolous things.  Stopping for a pack of cigarettes and a diet coke on the way home from work or the cappuccino and candy bar can cost you about $2,000.00 per year.  If you smoke two packs a day, try and cut down to one pack.  This can save you almost $1,650.00 per year.

Shop for cheaper phone services, cable, internet, and garbage. With so much competition out there for services, make sure that you are taking advantage of the great rates and deals.  Sometimes you can ask your current company to do an analysis and tell you what you can do to save money.  Maybe switch the cell phone plan for less minutes or increase your minutes during your active times.  Check on bundling your services, you may be able to save more money there as well.

There are so many hidden fees out there, you may be spending money and not realizing it.  Check your bank statements.  Are your using the ATM and being charged $1.00 to $3.00 per transaction?  This could add up to $10, $20, and even $30.00 per month.  Again this can be hundreds of dollars per year.

Think of ways to increase your income.  Have a garage sale.  They say, "one man’s junk is another man’s treasure." Unload anything you have not used in one years time.  Sell it all!  De-clutter your life and your belongings.  We all have so much stuff that we just don’t need.  Invite your neighbors to have a garage sale the same day and then advertise it as a neighborhood sale.  This will help defer the cost of the ads and draw in more potential shoppers.

Join forces with others that enjoy the same hobbies as you do.  Maybe you like to knit.  Encourage your knitting group to participate in the next craft show.  Use your talents to increase your wealth. Work harder.  If overtime is offered, take it.  Tell the boss you want every extra hour he/she can offer you.  Work double time and triple time hours.  These really add up fast. Get a part time job on off days or weekends.  You don’t have to do this forever, but set a goal on how much you want to save and then use this job to meet your goal.  You may find that you really enjoy the second job but setting a short term goal might encourage positions and industries that you have a desire to learn about. Simple changes can have a big impact on your savings, and you may just be surprised how much fun it is to find even more ways to cut spending and save money.